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Alan Hudson

Interesting post, but that wasn't quite the question I posed. I was trying to come up with a way of explaining that while the nature of effective governance will vary depending on the context, transparency and accountability are always important.

I think you are right to question that assumption Matt, but that is the question I posed. And the phrase I came up with was that:

There is no single recipe for effective governance, but whatever recipe a country chooses, transparency and accountability are essential ingredients (for sustainable country-owned development).

To respond to your blog specifically:

1) Yes, discussions about T & A are much much better/more useful when focused on particular issues/domains.

2) Yes, the questions about T and A for what, from whom, to whom, where, how etc. always need asking.

3) I need to think some more about Joel's post. His latter 2 points seemed to be basically things that are steps towards accountability. So, saying that transparency matters for those reasons even if it doesn't lead to acc and effectiveness, seemed a bit odd. But I may have misunderstood.

Matt Andrews

Nice response, Alan, and thanks for connecting the blog more accurately to your thoughts. I think we are probably more on the same page than off it. I agree that Transparency and Accountability are key ingredients in governance and thus hope we can find ways to think more contextually and deeply about both concepts. I know this is what ONE is doing and a range of other organizations. Very exciting prospects in this line of work.

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